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Flash Web Design

Do you know this fact?


We put the data in the language of understanding. Website is nothing but the process of explaining our business to all who don’t know. As fast they understand they will show interest in your business. If above quote is true, Flash is the only medium allow you to do the same.

According to fundamental principles of marketing, the representation of the message has equal importance as message itself. Flash is the stand alone technology allow you to present content or message with animation.

Animation is the way of presenting your complex message in quite simplified manner and it creates an unforgettable impact on audience’s mind. Vodafone's zoozoo is the best example of it. Flash website give the same experience irrespective of browsers and devices.

Website we design using flash have

  • Unusual design layout and animation
  • Dominant visual experience
  • Less load time
  • Require less bandwidth
  • Easy to find call of action
  • Storytelling approach for brand engagement
  • Fine tuning with corporate branding or identity

By using Flash we offer

  • Website or web page design
  • Web Template design
  • Presentation Design
  • Banner design for advertisement
  • Animation & Video creation
  • Game design

3i InfoCom is serving many corporate clients since the time when flash is the single technology for building website. However we are working on more than 10+ cutting-edge technologies today, we are same in terms of proficiency as we were in the past for flash.

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