Social Media Marketing

We never use any automated techniques for social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and list goes on and on. Create a parallel channel of business while putting efforts on SEO and spending on pay-per-click.

Here are four quick reasons why you shouldn’t ignore the social media marketing,

  1. Social Media Marketing is permanent as no one can snatch your followers from you.
  2. Most effective way to go viral in seconds. Reach out people with your special offers before you end it.
  3. After back-links, social media signals are may be important factor to decide the ranking. (Russian search giant Yandex already moved social media signals for ranking)
  4. Social media reputation doesn’t increase the sales only but it builds brand. The Brands which people recognise.

We at 3i Infocom, define a complete strategies to expand business and build a brand over social media. We have professional content writers who write the content which goes viral. We know, content marketing is certainly not social media marketing, it is only one part. We know other effective ways to leverage huge audience.

User engagement – no one likes one way traffic.

We know how to present an offer which goes viral. We also suggest clients, which types of offers work from our extensive reading and research in the industry. (You must remember ALS ice-bucket challenge)
Customer care on social media is recent trend – others can see how much we love and care for our customers.

These are just few examples. We together will open Pandora’s Box!

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