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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we bring your website on top of Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs). Many people says SEO is dead but it is not. The method of doing optimization changed over the years but it is not going to anywhere. SEO is one type of marketing and marketing exists and also will till there is competition in the market. Though, marketing methods change. For example, we can’t run one TV advertising for years. Similar ways, SEO has changed as search engine algorithms evolved and we have also changed our methods. Likes of Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pigeon algorithmic updates, this is the time where every SEO activity should ensure to bring more traffic as well as that traffic should be white hat.

Our experts understand search engine’s algorithm very well and that’s the reason we are best in the industry. We see opportunities where no one can even think. One of our client have website with ranking for almost all the major keywords still he finds us right person to do SEO work and you know what happened? Organic visits increased 15% while sales increased 25%.

We follow a complete professional approach. We do complete each step in process with systematic approach and complete documentation.

SEO Audit- current status of website. Read more here about SEO Audit

Understand the Scope of website and find opportunity to grow- Every website includes pages for different purpose like informational pages, business pages, self-praise pages (where we show how good we are in our business) etc. We categorise them and define the scope of website.

Select Keywords

Now we have pages of different categories, select the keywords which brings the most relevant visitors and potential customers to the website. Keywords which open the flood gates of money for you.

Optimize content

After Panda updates, people often use the words “content is king”. We optimize the content to suits the keywords we have targeted. Different types of queries (transactional, informational etc.) requires different ways to write content.

Technical SEO

Now search engines read and understand web pages in different ways. The way search engines absorb the content has changed. So technical SEO became more important than ever it was. Read more about technical SEO here.

Build/Earn Links

Matt Cutts (Head of the web-spam team at Google) had said in one of his interview that there is no any immediate replacement of back-links. So building/earning links were, are and will be the most important part of SEO.

Analyse the impact/result

We are transparent in reporting. We report to client weekly or monthly based on project with statistical data from analytics which gives clear idea about impact/result of what we have done.

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