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Facebook and Twitter Advertising

We will explore the world of Facebook and Twitter for you. Our expert team runs Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns very effectively with maximum outreach and smallest of cost.
Facebook has now more than 1.35 billion monthly active users and among them 864 million users are daily active. Twitter has 284 million monthly active users. So now we have few reasons, why you can’t ignore these two social media websites.

First, obviously such a large number of audience you can’t ignore. It has spread across the world, so wherever you are operating your business, there is opportunities laid in this market to grow. Increase in smartphones users bringing more and more people.

Second, in the world of all these Pandas and Penguins, it is not safe line to rely completely on SEO channel and expand the business. More diverse channels of traffic means more business for sure but also give a sense of safety.

Third, such a huge outreach and very small expenses. With just $2 per day, you can reach thousands of people with your brand.

Facebook and Twitter both offers various types of advertising options. So you can choose which suit you most. Here are various campaigns which are available.

Various types of Facebook ads

  • Boost your posts to spread your best piece of content
  • Promote your fan page to increase the likes and people’s engagement
  • Send people to your website – pay only for those who clicks
  • Increase conversion on your website
  • Get installs of your app
  • Increase engagement in your app
  • Promote your event to get maximum attendee
  • Promote your special offers
  • Increase views on your videos

Facebook allow great filtration through attributes like geographical location, age, gender, interest etc. So you are set to reach potential customers with right form advertising.

Various types of Twitter ads

  • Promote your twit – special words or link
  • Promote a special #hashtag – create a vibrant wave around a special occasion or offers
  • Get more followers through promoting your account
  • Recently launched product ads – now sell products on Twitter too

So now reach out more people and diversify your visitors’ source with the help of 3i Infocom.

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