Web Banner Design

Web banner is the first element of your website that attract visitor. We know it very well

Web Banner Design

Web Banner is what your visitors or prospect see first in your website. If it is very bad then chances of exploring further details (like contact, service etc.) are very less. So design your web banner as impressive as possible. It enhances the user engagement so states like page/sessions and avg. visit duration also improve. Web banner prevent the visitor's exit from the page before checking details you have uploaded in the page and hit the call of action you have provided.

In our website assessment process, as a part of our SEO consultation, we find many websites perform very poorly (I mean revenue, web traffic, user engagement) just because of irritating Web Banner placed everywhere across the website. For example, in online jewellery shop website, banner of engagement ring page should be very clear that shows a nice couple’s photo of ring ceremony moment. If you place excessive number of sample rings and jewellery brands' logos then it will probably be the reason of exit.

The sense of placing text and photos in balance in web banner makes us expert graphic designer. In our design studio, designer interact with digital marketing experts for conceptualizing the banner so our graphic design work is not only appreciated by our clients but also by end customer.

We will give ball park estimation by calculating expected hours not just like £11 per banner. We also offer attractive discount on regular banner design work especially for eCommerce websites, social media marketing, seasonal offers, mobile apps etc. We understand the importance of timeline for a banner design work so don’t worry about it.

We have listed our banner and other graphic design works on portfolio websites like Behance and the creative finder. You can check out our portfolio there.

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