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Product Catalogue Design

Our experience is more than 10 years in graphic design industry, we can draw a thin line between company brochure and product catalogue. Company brochure is just like a story with a message or moral and product catalogue is just like a moral or message without story. So it is hard to digest if it is not designed well.

Product catalogue is your online store accessible 24/7 whenever and wherever your prospect or client want. It doesn’t require the internet connectivity even!!!

The most important elements we take into consideration while designing product catalogue are

  • Simplified navigation
  • Exceptional look still step up with brand identity
  • Clear highlighting of product, its features and advantages
  • Ensure tuning between index, content and appendices
  • Put all the information required but never make it twine
  • Put awards, achievement and testimonial at highlighting portion of the catalogue
  • Optimum use of space without losing effectiveness
  • Double-check contact information emplacement (is it easily accessible or not?)

We design simple 8 page booklets to a large album type product catalogue (generally made by fashion designers or interior designer). We suggest the best shape, size and paper material so you can reap the benefits of your investment. We deliver two different copies for printing and online marketing purpose.

Check out our design portfolio first then hire us for product catalogue or stationary design work.

We also offer corporate identity combo package in which we design product catalogue, brochure, business card, flyer, email template and leaflets for you.

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