3i InfoCom- Trio of Integrity-Intelligent-Intrust

Since 2010, Company started with the aim of delivering tech-marketing services to corporate clients achived many major milestones. Company have worked for UK's largest eCommerce retailers and many giant market leaders as well.

3i InfoCom is your one-stop destination if you are looking for highly talented group of design, development and marketing professionals. Company follow the UK's business standards and comprehensive work methodology. 3i InfoCom have a state of the art development infrastructure in India and also have representatives in United Kingdom who will meet you and communicate with you.

Meet The Team Behind Our Digital Greatness

We are passionate nerds who love figures, technology, design and code.

Chirag Budhbhatti Chirag Budhbhatti Co Founder& CEO, 3i InfoCom +44 020 8168 2360 cb@3iinfo.co.uk
Brijesh Bhalodia Brijesh Bhalodia Project Manager, 3i InfoCom brijesh@3iinfo.com
Nishar Kaliya Nishar Kaliya Team Leader, 3i InfoCom nishar@3iinfo.com
Prajesh Manvar Prajesh Manvar Team Leader, 3i InfoCom prajesh@3iinfo.com

Driving sales with a inbound marketing led approach

Companies come to us not looking for a product but for a solution. We help companies to solve digital problems and expand the business over Internet. Let us become part of your sales and marketing team.

Ready For Change? Here Are Some Clients Who We Love To Work With

We work with businesses who are ready to discover, embrace and enhance
their position in the digital economy.